About Us

Welcome to Desired Spirit.

Here I showcase my work as a photographer, stylist, conceptualist and shoot director. I found a deep passion within myself to push the boundaries of the art of the human form. Not only did my love for the art grow with every shoot but so did my understanding of my own body and how to use it to create art. It was here that I realised the true meaning of inner beauty outshining that of the exterior.Through learning more of myself i realised how others did not understand their own true self and so could not expect anyone else to understand. Here Desired Spirit took flight to a world of endless opportunities. Join me as I show you how you too can discover your Desired Spirit and experience the upliftment and enhancement of your passion for life. Desired Spirit puts forward a platform that entitles anyone to experience firsthand the power of your own spiritual desire. Step into the realm of fine art and all it has to offer your body, mind and soul. Everyone needs to experience the beauty of self realization. Everyone can grow within themselves through taking a chance on yourself and finding you have got what it takes. Before you know it a change from within your core will rise to the surface and the world around you will take note. Take a chance on yourself as I did and discover your world in its true splendour. Desired Spirit is here to show the world that true beauty is more so about how you feel as opposed to the misinterpretations that others hold of your true self. I believe that only you can show your true divinity by accepting it yourself. Once you have accepted it, anything is achievable. Life is beautiful once you Desire your own Spirit.